God’s timing

I am a Christian. To be more specific, I am a Lutheran. For us Lutherans, we can be even more specific by saying that I am from the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. What does that mean to a non-Lutheran? Not a whole lot. It can be like splitting hairs. Do we believe in the Father,…


We started our farm just over 4 years ago now. We had many goals in mind but 1 that really sticks out is that we would like to be able to #growyourownfood.

Big Girl Pants

I mean, of course I have big girl pants. I’m an adult. I guess that’s what you HAVE to call yourself when you are 35. I’m 35. I am now, in this part of my life, deciding that, maybe, I need to learn how to do things that I should know as a grown up….

The Peas

We have peas. Pea fowl, to speak properly. TWO. One cock, one hen. We never named them. We just refer to them as the peacocks. It’s really sad that they are so beautiful and I can never get a good picture of them! We were first exposed to the original pea cock (was named but…


Have you ever heard of a WWI song written by Geoffrey O’Hara called K-K-K-Katy??? Probably not. A version of that song was sang by my mother to me (and my 3 siblings) throughout our childhood years.  One day when my Mom and I were walking with my son Clay, she started singing that to him….

Who?What?Why? WordPress

So, like I said in my first post, I joined WordPress because I wanted to be able to follow some bloggers that were on here. I actually had some ideas in my head earlier this week on what I could write about but, since they are no longer there, I thought I would give a…

I guess the time to start is now?

This is my 1st blog post. I signed up for wordpress.com because I really enjoy reading blogs of those whom hold similar interests as me. I do blogspot.com also but more for the same reason. I’m no “writer” but here I go. So, about me: I’m 35. I feel like I am just now growing…